How to Download the Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

For Android you open your browser (preferable chrome) and go to or scan the above QR-Scan code > next to the domain name there is an icon to download the App or most likely you will be prompted a pop-up at the bottom of your screen asking if you want to add The Events Map App to your homescreen. Click and go! The App will download to your telephone App’s ‘area’ or home screen. Without a pop-up or icon next to the domain name you go to your (preferable chrome) browser settings and scroll down and tap to Add to Home screen. Soon we will replace our PWA for native iOS and Android Apps. 

How to Register (for Event Alerts)?

Go to “My Account” and click on it. One part is for login and the other part is to register by filling out your email address. The password needs min 12 characters. No time to register? Go straight to “Post an event” and while posting you are registering. Check your mail inbox afterwards for login and password details. Once registered you are allowed to sign in for event alerts, which will be sent, if any, daily, weekly or fortnightly (14 days). 

My Account 

Please go to “My Account” to register or to login at the back-end of The Events Map’s web site? Once logged in you find an account dashboard with personal details. Here you change your password, check your orders and the balance of your remaining event listing package or packages. Once logged-in you have entrance to your personal “Event Dashboard“, where you check your previous posted and upcoming events and where to cancel, mark as cancelled, duplicate and view your events.

What is an Event or Entertainment?

An event is a planned and organized business or consumer occasion, for example a social gathering, trade show, exhibition, live entertainment or a sports match for spectators and/or attendees. Entertainment is amusement provided especially by performers, something diverting or engaging such as a public performance or a usually light comic or adventure novel. Something to amuse ourselves, out of our daily life style, out of the box. To get relaxed, have a laugh, rock the body, dance, sing, play, watch or whatever. It is all amusing amusement!

Interested in a Special Event, Artist, Musician, Event Type or Category?

Create an events alert to be informed. You have to be logged in to create an Alert. Events Alerts will be sent on a daily, weekly or fortnightly base.  

Package & Event Listing

Choose your event listing package(s) from our web “Shop“. You purchase a single or a multiple (5/10/30/50/100/200/365) package of events. By default the event package will automatically expires 1 year after the date of purchase. Note; we don’t refund unused/remaining events listings of expired packages. All events can be listed 1 up to 365 days in advance. A single event listing expires at the end of the event date. The Events Map needs to be paid because Google Maps asks for every click, zoom in/zoom out/search/page change an amount of money which will be invoiced, at the end of each month, by Google Maps and paid by The Events Map.

Expired events delete at front-end (for visitors), keep listed as expired in the back-end of the event dashboard (for organizers) and can be duplicated afterwards to create a new event. Once an event is posted you may edit any time you want.

Post an Event

Required fields: event title, event category, event type, event registration contact, venue name, venue location in google maps, event description, event start date / time, event end date/time, online event yes/no, paid event yes/no, organizers name, organizers contact email and organizers description. Option fields: full address, ZIP-code, event banner for multiple event images (best size 4:3), company logo (best size 1:1), URL/website, link to Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Note the event start and end time is the real time of a performance or show. The venue opening hours can be marked into the organizers’ description. The Events Map only shows active and upcoming events. Once expired, expired events, will be deleted the same day. 

Event Organizers

A single page to check all -upcoming- events by a single event organizer, performing group or soloist. A full and comprehensive description of the event organizer is a simple way to advertise and promote your upcoming events. Your attendees see in a wink your upcoming events, where and when. 

Note : 50% of all listings is to help musicians, artists and event organizers to promote their performing ‘art’. 

Goal to Achieve

Our goal is to become the nr 1 publisher of local events and entertainment. Easy to use on your phone or website by map view and traditional event view. 

Sell Tickets

The Events Map does not sell any ticket. The Events Map is for publishing and information purpose only. For selling tickets and registration, if any, you fill in a direct link, a redirect URL or email, to where you prefer the registration goes to. All for you!   

Accepted Event Listing

Check The Events Map’s Event Types and Categories to know if your event listing, open to the public, will be accepted. Not accepted (now) are regular restaurants, bars, shops, offices, sports clubs, … all without an event, (live music/dance/sports) entertainment or any other act. Listed events not corresponding to our event listing policy (event type and event category) will be deleted without a refund. In case of a doubt contact “Sales“. 

Max 3 events listings per single event will be accepted, venue/event organizer/agency/artists/musicians/performers/… . Max 3 events listings in total per single event which means -exemple- that the venue may list, the organizator may list and the performer(s) may list 

How To Use The Events Map?

The Events Map shows all listed events by map view and traditional view. When searching for “today” events click on “select date” in filter bar and then “today”. All today events will be filtered and displayed in The Events Map. When you click on the flag in map view, the flag opens a summary of event details like the event name, event type and start- and end time. To get a full event description you click on the “events name” and the full event page including pictures, if any, shows up. There you go! You refine your search by using the filter bar for keywords, Google Maps location, date selection, type of category, type of event and free/paid entrance. Under The Events Map‘s view and filter bar you will find the traditional way of events listings and if you know the name of an event organizer, artist or musician you go direct to the Event Organizers page which you’ll find in the upper menu. For event alerts you need to be registered first.

Click on any site logo to go back to home page.

Why did you create The Events Map?

Most of the people during events and the ones who love nightlife, don’t have time or energy anymore to check where to go to. They just want to know the closest “nice” place to go to for a drink or some entertainment. A cabaret or dinner show, live music bar, a nightclub, karaoke bar, a comic, a sports or family bar, … and then is map view the easiest solution.

Is The Events Map Free?

Yes, for visitors it is free! Only event organizers or people who want to have their event listed/published have to pay to get their event listed. They purchase a single or multiple package of event(s) listing (1,5,10,30,50,100,200 or 365 events in an event package) in our online web shopFor all events packages count the possibility to post an event 1 up to 365 days in advance. In case of a question contact sales.   

Why Should I list My Event?

The Events Map is gonna be a booming gadget, a wannahave, the sooner your event is listed the sooner people schedule to come. You will get a lot of -last minute- decision makers or loyal customers who like to come (back) because they see you have planned an upcoming event.   

How Do People Know about The Events Map?

Our sales & marketing team start in August and they will contact local media, concierges of hotels, events- and nightlife locations, taxi-companies and many more all to promote The Events Map’s events listings. Our focus is France, Monaco and Italy, but anyone is free to advertise from anywhere in Europe and -later- the rest of the world!

Tell, spread it around to, your clients/guests/attendees about it … For sure when they see you have an upcoming event it will be overcrowded and for sure when The Events Map gonna explode and becomes the Nr 1 publisher of local events and entertainment in the world you are happy you joined us from the start!

The Events Map will participate in many future events to promote her events listings.

Why Do Event Organizers Have to Pay to Get Their Event(s) Listed?

Since 2018 Google Maps started to invoice their customers, customers who passed a certain number of monthly clicks (zoom-in/zoom-out/new search/refresh page/…) by using Google Maps. So, that is the main reason why The Events Map event listings needs to be paid.  

What If I Have a Lot of Similar Recurring Events to List?

Once an event is posted you may duplicate and edit that event into a new event listing. Soon CSV files can be imported for bulk listings. In case of a sports bar or permanent event location and 365 same listings within 1 year is needed … please contact sales and they will make a bulk listing for all.

Can I Change My Listed Event?

Yes, you can change/edit your listed event(s) online any time you want.

What Do I Need to Get My Event Listed?

All event-, location- and organization details, event images (preferable 4:3), logo and a credit/debit card, Ideal or Bancontact for online Stripe payment.

Is It Possible to Become an Advertiser or Sponsor?

Advertisers, sponsors, investors (limited) are more than welcome. The Events Map will reach an audience interested in entertainment, nightlife and local events. Advertisers get their 2020 advertisement for free, which means that after payment the advertisement is active until 31-12-2021.

Please contact sales for advertising or sponsoring?

Do You Need Sales Agents? 

Soon we start our sales & marketing program. Independent sales agents are welcome to sell event packages in their region. 

What If I Have a Question?

Use the contact form for questions.